Shane Frost is a story-teller. He finds the messages and images which communicate stories, and he cultivates ways to deliver them to specific groups of people. He’s been in mass communications, professionally, since January 6 of 1996. (And in high school and college before that.) He loves finding and using new media.

Frost has studied at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, beginning his college career at Indiana University South Bend and finishing at Indiana Tech in Elkhart. He’s earned 9 first place as well as more than 20 second- and third-place awards from the Hoosier State Press Association as well as several Midwest media marketing awards.

Shane has helped numerous businesses and nonprofit organizations develop effective strategies, inspirational vision statements, and accurately-crafted mission statements as well as tactical marketing campaigns. He believes in the importance of authentic messaging, a productive culture, quality products and services and lots of audience research before the work begins. He currently works for Steve Taig, as well, at TaigMarks, Inc.

Momentum Marketing

Momentum produces long lasting branding, marketing & SEO results for organizations and different brands. We understand that your company is unique. That’s why we approach each project individually. We research then come up with smart solutions to put our experience and technology to work. We have been in web marketing since pre-Y2K days, helping businesses compete online and offline.