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Integrated, Automated Digital Marketing Agency

We get the right audiences to you.

Does every page you post have a purpose? Do your digital ads, landing pages, email marketing, and sales strategy all work together? Integrated marketing connects all your marketing initiatives while marketing automation gives your team the power to customize, repeat, and improve your process. Get integration and automation on your side with this marketing agency. 

We use all these tools together for you. 

Facebook for business. Instagram. LinkedIn. YouTube. Google Ads and Analytics.

Integrated Marketing. Automated Processes. Measurable Results.

The strategy is simple – make sure your digital  platforms are telling the same story, integrated marketing. Each ad needs a corresponding audience, a matching visual, a cohesive landing page and an on-message follow-up strategy. We’ll help you come up with your plans, tailor the messaging, and automate the process so it’s ready and repeatable.

Momentum’s label as a digital marketing agency is purposeful. We limit our scope of services to make sure we can keep up with trends and continue growing in our specializations. Why do we love digital? One reason is the measurability. We can tweak our campaigns based on the data we get back from ad and seo tracking tools. That means we can adjust and improve again and again until our key performance indicators are met.


Integrated Digital Marketing Services


We’re more than a Google Partner agency. We’re experienced writers and researchers who have more than five years of Google Ads, Content Production, and Website Development under our belt. We’ll help you rank the right way.

Trade Show Marketing

Get your audience to your booth. Follow up with more leads from your trade show experience. We use digital advertising and marketing automation to help your sales team focus on building relationships while we do the rest.

Lead Generation

We pair powerful digital marketing automation with lead capturing, scoring and nurturing strategy. We’ve got the latest tools and experience to streamline digital marketing and strategic content to integrate into your sales and CRM.

Marketing Automation & CRM

Take all the engagement from our marketing efforts and let our Robotic Process Automation cultivate the leads and send them to your Salesforce, Zoho or other pipeline CRM platform, responding to prospects and notifying your sales team.

Digital marketing with great content, targeted audience earns more business.

Oversimplified? Sure. As your marketing agency, we do this every day for national, regional and local campaigns, from major brands to community organizations.


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