There are a thousand right ways to market, and a thousand great logo designs that can work. There are hundreds upon thousands of press releases which can be rewritten a million different ways and will get the message delivered. But not all right ways are best.experience

Years of developing brands and identities and textual and image logos and all the collateral that go along with these give authentically-grounded agencies the wisdom to perceive the best among all considered “right.”

Don’t fool yourself for a bottom line: Good enough isn’t. What’s the opportunity cost in the long run?

Sometimes, ego gets in the way of utilizing the best curated and developed ideas even when a trusted agency has been chosen. Unfortunately, someone feels the need to get their fingerprints on the work, because, after all, “it still works.” Authentic best gets tossed aside.

Well, don’t be afraid to put your pride aside. It’s competent for marketing departments to fight for the budget in order to team up with an established agency. It’s shrewd to shop among those agencies to find the right one – the one caring about a true image of who you are and who you want to be. It’s rewarding for your brand in the long run to invest in its most accurate and most pure messaging for the most accurate and best presentation.

Even the assistance of consultants who have experience will help achieve a higher level of “right.” Of course, you still have to trust – which is the toughest investment because what’s best for the logo or tag line is not always exactly what “you” (the clients) want.

Thousands of talented artists and writers and marketing and communications departments can get it right. For a few more bucks, why not get the wisdom of experience and the best among what’s “right?”


Shane Frost