The best advertising has always been – and will always be – word of mouth. Even a marketing and advertising guy knows and yields to that simple fact. And that is the most essential reason why B2B as well as B2C ventures need a professional agency.


Step back and see the forest. Face to face, a person who is passionate about his or her product or service can influence a prospect. These are your sales professionals, who warm up leads by building a relationship, who describe the benefits of the product and service and company they represent, who close the sale… one appointment at a time. And this is why we advertise and market: Because it either costs too much time, money or opportunity to only include a salesforce in your growth strategy.

It’s not enough.

So, you develop brochures and fliers and videos and a website and business cards and other collateral with your logo. On these items you describe the benefits of the product and service and company. You may invest in advertising in industry magazines, through industry websites, via direct mail, email blasts, etc.

All the money spent on these products causes some people to wonder why they have invested so much in marketing and advertising when the needle only moves slightly from one year to the next. But they are forgetting something. All these items do not possess the passion of a well-performing sales person.

This is why you need a professional agency.

While it may seem that doing everything in house will save money to get the same results, consider the difference between that sales person and the marketing material and advertising you do feel is necessary: body language.

Word of mouth advertising includes body language and voice inflection and pitch and tone variations. Face to face sales include the posture of your sales staff. It’s not just the wording of the pitch. More than 70% of in-person communication is non-verbal.

A truly professional agency will interview your staff, understand your product and observe the body language of your sales pitch. A truly professional agency will take all this information into consideration when developing graphics for marketing materials and ads and videos, using best practices, experience, and skill to transfer word of mouth and face to face presentations into an image, a message.

And not everyone who knows Photoshop can do that.