Combining the best of a traditional, full-service agency with the skill of an experienced and creative digital boutique, we have just launched a 10-market A/B test campaign and are impressing our “partner” crew at Google. impressgoogle

According to the Google staff (not interns), most Partners work with the AdWords team about keywords and ranking. However, we have been specializing in highly-targeted display campaigns and – two steps deeper in strategy and metrics – developed a dynamic landing page, which changes key content based on the region from where it is found online. Our main Google contact, builder reps and the Google Tag team from Arizona and India, respectively, expressed how impressed they are with this particular TaigMarks campaign.

Each of the 10 markets has two distinct offers, featuring two different ads. So, we made the dynamic web page and then 40 GIF ads. We added cookie-less retargeting to make sure the ads continue being served to shoppers. Plus, we added a code to stop the ads from being served to people who click one of two buttons, which would send a special coupon to a printer or email it to the prospect.

Using best practices from Google AdWords Display and Analytics, from the Facebook Blueprint for Business which includes Instagram, and Yahoo Gemini, TaigMarks has bridged the gap between a successful advertising and public relations firm to the technical, digital agency needed in today’s marketing landscape. Also, our social media campaign experience includes LinkedIn.

We feel good about where we are and where we’re heading – especially knowing we’re impressing the folks at Google. (And we love them!)