It’s your friendly neighborhood marketer again!

That “New Year, New Me” go-getter attitude is officially in full swing and it’s beginning to feel a lot like wish-mas.

Anyone out there wishing for a giant spike in sales next year? Maybe just a steady increase in website or in-store traffic?

Being optimistic and hopeful is good, but being strategic and adaptable to change is even better.

If 89% of U.S. adults are browsing the Internet each day, shouldn’t we all be concerned about our current online presence?

Even if your goals as a business owner aren’t aligned with becoming a risk-taking trendsetter, they should be in-line with riding those trend waves before your business inevitably sinks in an outdated ship. In short, it’s a risk NOT to invest in what’s already proven to work for those leading in your market, even your competitors.

In my previous article, I focused on the power of storytelling your brand. While that’s the best way to set yourself apart from your competitors, it means nothing unless you’re getting those messages out to the right people, and most importantly, on the platforms they frequent.

While my list of reasons is about as long as a CVS receipt, I want to touch on several key points to implement digital marketing in your business marketing plan, as opposed to other marketing tactics that are proven to result in waste.

Let’s get down to it:

1. Get Measurable Results

I feel morally obligated to start off with this point. There’s nothing harder than telling a client there’s no way to visually show them how their dollars are working, or if they’re even working at all. It felt like stealing. I worked in print for about a year and hopped onto the digital bandwagon as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

The same goes for broadcast—you’ll get numbers about viewership and some other seemingly impressive statistics, but the sad truth is about a quarter of your every dollar is actually going towards the service you’re paying for. The other 75 cents is paying your service provider’s employees, commissions, etc. I’d like to think that’s theft too.

Now, I get to take a client’s budget and show them where their FULL dollars are going (and watch them smile with glee when presented with Google pie charts and graphs). What’s not to smile about when you’re actually saving money AND getting the results you want?

Speaking of results…

2. Return On Investment

I might be reiterating myself, but this is worth emphasizing on. Business owners are often shocked to find how much more affordable digital marketing is compared to all of the exhausted marketing efforts they’ve implemented over the years are COMBINED.

Of course, pricing varies by agency, but print and broadcast costs are on the rise with even less promise of ROI.

The reason why digital marketing has a much greater promise of ROI is because we’re able to target a business’s customer demographic directly. The only people seeing your ads online are the people that we’ve determined are already in your market, or ones that will be soon.

No more hit-and-misses. No more wasted budget.

Just results.

Now, let’s interact with those customers.

3. Direct Customer Contact

The real beauty of digital is that it’s never been easier to interact with your customers or ask for their input. When it comes down to it, your business is only as good as it is from outside your own perspective as a business owner.

Customer feedback is the binding element to your business success story. Responding to customer concerns and complaints as they come and demonstrating empathy is incredibly important to be consistent about, regardless of the market you’re in. Thanking people individually and asking them to leave reviews about their positive experiences will only result in more referrals and keep you a step ahead of the competition.

But you can’t quite communicate with customers that haven’t found you yet.

Having a strong online presence is crucial right now, and while I don’t want to get too deep into woods with SEO talk, I do want to point out that if you want to have any shot against the competition your business needs to be found in a Google search. It all starts with a search.

2019 might be the Year of the Pig, but it could ALSO be the year to start seeing a fuller piggybank if we all grabbed a surfboard and rode the digital wave.

If you’re not the BEST surfer, that’s okay. Find a trustworthy agency to partner with to help guide you through it.

Speaking of trustworthy agencies, it’s about time for that shameless plug:

Momentum Marketing Consultants are Certified Google Partners, which means we’re the experts you need to dominate this upcoming year. And if you need us to surf…. we’ll surf.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Marketer,


About the Marketer: 

Dounia Ardahji is currently the Business Development Manager at Momentum Marketing Consultants, with a background in English and Creative Writing. She’s never ridden an actual wave but she’s willing to try if someone would like to send her on an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii.