As 2019 gets underway, I’d like to take time to reflect on what trends were in 2018, and what trends will continue for the new year.

We’ll look at the subtle changes for logos you may have missed, and how to incorporate futurism into your graphics.

During 2018, we saw many icons go brighter.

Most notably, music streaming giant Spotify went from mint green to almost neon-lime green. Their flat logo stayed the exact same except for that one difference in hue. This, however, was not a change only Spotify made, Apple has been marketing its new products with bright, vivid colors as well. Loud swirls and high contrast images are eye-catching and memorable.

Look for this to continue to work well through 2019.

We also saw large success from futuristic or “glitched” patterns. These striking, futuristic works correlate quite well with vivid colors.

The texture can look almost like cgi, and coupled with large bold text it made for many brilliant, poster-like campaigns. Futurism, in all its forms, is poised to continue to see acclaim for the coming years.

An unsung hero of futurism is the gradient. Fading between multiple colors was made easier on 2018’s Adobe Illustrator CC, and it certainly showed this year that creators loved it. From subtle monotone transitions to striking contrasts in sophisticated swirls, the gradient made a huge comeback in the past year.

After looking back on the past year, we can get a better picture of what changes need to be made for the future. As long as you are constantly improving little by little, you won’t get left behind.

Keep looking ahead and adapting your brand to stay ahead of the curve!