Happy New Year from Momentum Marketing! With the new year brings new ideas and motivation especially when it comes to marketing your business online. This week we are kicking off our series on the Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 beginning with video marketing.

We can all agree that the web is an extremely busy place and everyone is fighting for attention. One of the best ways to stand out and grab the interest of browsing viewers is to integrate video into your digital marketing efforts. Creating  regular, entertaining, and authentic videos that are useful to viewers have proven to have great benefits such as building brand trust and awareness. Today I am going to share with you three of the top trends in digital video marketing and examples from brands who are doing this well. 

Live Video – Brands are utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to “Go Live” as a form of video marketing. Live video for business creates a “realness” behind the brand and allows viewers to form a personal connection. There is something about the “Live” aspect that allows viewers to connect with the authenticity of the message that is being delivered. Live video has the benefit of allowing viewers to ask questions, view a live demo, or interact with the business in real time. From a revenue building standpoint, research has shown that consumers are more likely to buy products and services after watching a video. Check out the infographic below provided by Studiotale.com that highlights the additional benefits of adding video to your content strategy. 

Virtual Reality (VR)- Many brands such as IKEA and Lowe’s Home Improvement have had great success incorporating Virtual Reality into their marketing efforts. The popular home furnishings warehouse uses VR to allow consumers to virtually place furniture items in their home before making a purchase. 

In the example below Lowe’s Home Improvement uses VR well and has created a virtual DIY training module to help customers learn how to do projects themselves. This allows Lowe’s to sell the products the consumer needs to complete their DIY project at home. 

At Momentum Marketing consultants, we work with clients within the RV industry who greatly benefit from Virtual Reality technology. Imagine allowing a potential customer to virtually tour an RV to help steer them towards a purchasing decision all within the comfort of their own home. Additional industries that could benefit from this technology would be Real Estate, Car Dealerships, and Hotels to name a few.  

Short – Lived Video (aka Stories) – Short lived video or “stories” allows users to create 15 second videos or go live for up to 60 minutes and are uploaded to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These videos are considered short lived because they disappear after 24 hours. This type of content engages users and creates a sense of urgency to watch due to the 24 hour life span. Brands can utilize stories as a way to check-in, share behind the scenes footage, or simply stay relevant to their followers. We will have more on how brands are using “Stories for Business” in the upcoming weeks of our 2019 Digital Marketing Trends series. 

Incorporating video into your digital marketing efforts increases revenue, brand awareness, and engagement. With so many people and brands seeking attention online, it’s important to grab viewers attention in a micro minute. Video is one way to stop the thumb from scrolling and invite viewers to pay attention. It is also worth mentioning that today more businesses are investing their video advertising dollars into YouTube ads vs. television ads because it is a lot less expensive and reaches more people. Research has shown that YouTube reaches more adults over the age of 18 during prime time than any cable network making digital video ads the better investment to reach more potential customers. 

At momentum marketing we help brands add consistency and a professional touch to their video and digital marketing efforts. Many of our clients promote their products and services using a combination of our video production and social media management services. We would be happy to talk to you more in depth about specific needs and discuss a strategic plan to help your business gain more “Momentum”  through video marketing. 

About the Author:

Monica Brazier the Creative Director, and Lead Photographer/Videographer at Momentum Marketing. Monica has owned her own photography studio in South Bend for the past eight years. Eager to take on a new challenge, Monica joined the Momentum team to learn new skills and continue her love for meeting new people and creating great imagery.