As COVID-19 restricts social interaction, it also threatens businesses that rely on trade shows for product exposure, brand awareness, and lead generation. Trade show cancellations are happening on a daily basis — but do you have to put your business on hold because you can’t present at a show? 

Maybe not. 

Recently, the Momentum Team was contracted to aid a local college with digitizing a conference that’s a vital part of their women’s entrepreneurship program. As we dug into live streaming tools and solutions, we got to thinking — aren’t there others who could benefit from this? 

A few days later, we constructed a plan to help businesses present their trade shows online. 

Are Digital Trade Shows Worth It? 

The concept is pretty new – but there are clear advantages to hosting a digital trade show. Your audience will get to view your product from their home – and everyone is looking for entertainment opportunities right now. Plus, your sales team can get involved on virtual chats while they’re working from outside the office. Plus, you’ll have control over your trade show advertising, lead tracking, and more. 

What’s Included in a Virtual Trade Show? 

We knew our plan needed to encompass the key elements of an in-person trade show: product displays and personal connections, so our solution is two fold: use videography to show off key products, and allow sales teams to connect with interested parties during live presentations and Q&As. 

Product Videos + Your Branded Video Hosting Website 

Many businesses have archives of excellent product videos. Our strategy is to utilize what businesses have – and bring in new videos if possible – to show off their key products. These videos will be categorized into relevant product channels and hosted on a Netflix-style video hosting website that’s easy to navigate. 

Your Virtual Trade Show Package May Include…

  • A beautiful, branded video hosting website with navigable video channels 
  • The ability to brand your pre-recorded videos 
  • Live video sessions with a high attendance capacity 
  • Live Q&A opportunities 
  • A seamless  “Resume Watching” feature that allows guests to stop watching, return to the site & pick back up where they left off
  • Video captioning 
  • Video tracking and analytics

Tip: Have a trade-show booth ready to set up in house? Shoot a video of a sales person walking through the booth and explaining the products exactly as they would at a show! 

Implementing the Personal Touch 

Trade shows are more than product displays. They’re a chance to meet prospective clients and interact with them on a personal level. Clients can see products up close and get their questions answered. 

Fortunately, you can add chat sessions to live presentations. Managing live chats in sessions with high attendance is even easy as attendees can upvote questions they like so presenters can prioritize what’s important to their audience. 

Creating Your Virtual Trade Show Experience 

We’re here to aid business-to-business companies during this fast-paced, uncertain time. Not only are we here to guide you to products you can use to connect with your audience during COVID-19, we’ll also help with building out your digital trade show, advertising the experience to a targeted audience, and tracking the results. 

Interested? Contact Shane Frost at [email protected] to get started on your digital trade show today.