In-house marketing teams look different in every business. Not everyone gets a large marketing staff of specialists. In fact, many businesses get by with one dedicated marketing person or a handful of marketing generalists. 

In these scenarios, getting marketing consulting from an agency is a huge asset. When Momentum Marketing Consultants came on to the scene six years ago, we put “consultants” in our name because we knew not everyone needed a full stack agency. 

Instead, some people need forward-thinking marketing ideas, strategy, training, or digital marketing assistance to supplement their team. 


Marketing teams always have to be on the lookout for what’s new, what’s coming, and how businesses can adjust to economic situations (I.E. Covid-19).  

Brainstorming sessions are a good way to get ideas flowing, but ultimately, ideas should be backed by some amount of research.  

What are the top brands in your industry doing? How can you put a twist on that? 

Are you keeping an eye on your competition? Have you already thought of every way you can set yourself apart? 

New ideas are something you should expect from your relationship with a marketing consulting firm. They keep your businesses on the forefront and keep your marketing department busy trying, testing, and evaluating new methods of getting more business. 


Many businesses believe in hiring “learners” over “experts.” Learners can pick up new skills quickly and effectively, but sometimes they need a teacher. 

As digital marketing consultants, we focus on training in areas of smart social media advertising, effective search engine optimization, and efficiently using Google Ads. 

The beauty of training is that it can be as long or short, frequent or infrequent as your team needs. In-person training can put your team of learners on a fast track for success, allowing you to eventually eliminate the need for the trainer (which may make us shed a few tears, but we’re also proud to see our trainees out there putting the right techniques into practice). 


Super skilled marketing associates may be able to sling code and shoot video like the best of them, but if they’re not used to using their skillset in a marketing context, they could miss out on best practices and reduce your reach. 

During consultations, marketing consultants can help craft campaign strategies and give feedback on your team’s creations so everything has a purpose, a clear message, and a streamlined funnel your clients can follow. In addition, digital marketing consultants can point you to tools that help with perfecting campaign content and tracking your results. 

Supplementary Services 

In-house marketing teams often rely on their marketing associates to wear multiple hats. This can be a doable and great thing, but sometimes the work becomes too much to handle. 

Marketing consultants may act as an aid to your in-house efforts. At Momentum, our specialty is in all-things digital marketing, which means we can handle your digital ads, seo, and more while you take care of the rest. 

Need Digital Marketing Consulting or Assistance? 

We love working with other teams and seeing what we can accomplish together. Let’s schedule a time to discuss your business, your goals, what your team has to offer and how we might be able to come alongside and help.