Three Momentum team members have undergone new training in their specialized fields. Cole Sanders, Shelby Cook, and Chelsea Moyer all furthered their knowledge through additional learning. 

A few months ago, Chelsea Moyer underwent a week-long virtual SEO training course through a California-based agency. More recently, Shelby Cook attended intensive leadership training to further her skills as a manager and director of operations. Cole Sanders spotted a virtual design conference opportunity and spent two days developing his skills in design for websites, content, and social media. 

“Attending the CreativePRO conference was a fantastic opportunity,” says Sanders. “Not only did I learn how to design better visually, but I also learned how to design better by being more efficient with my workflow.”

From November 2019 to present, Momentum Marketing Consultants has grown from an agency of three to a team of seven. Since then, owner Shane Frost has been committed to continuous improvement by providing tools and training to increase output, efficiency, and quality for clients. 

“Our specialty is the story – the words – the message and to find and carry that authentic message through SEO, SEM and all our marketing for that client,” says agency owner Shane Frost. “Our people have to be skilled in their role as we execute our strategies for our clients. That takes continuous training, which is an investment we are happy to make in each one of our team members. Good enough isn’t. We are always working to improve,” he adds. “We are not settlers around here.”