If you desire to be the market leader, you’re going to need a Conquest Marketing Strategy.

Conquest marketing is about gaining market share for clients. It’s about finding the prospects who are looking for a product or service but not specifically focused on a brand and getting them to consider my client.

When the client’s culture cultivates a good attitude in its employees, and when the service and products are above average and beyond expectations, then conquest marketing will bring in a flow of prospects who will share their good experiences and help us find more “most-likely” customers as we grow market share.


We get this result by developing the right message. Research the competition, contrast and compare with the client. Find the reasons for the most positive reviews and match them to the best of services and products and attitudes delivered by the client. Concentration on what our client authentically delivers among that short list will open the doors to stories and messaging.

Images, short videos, copy, and infographics created from these stories and messages give us the assets we need for landing pages and social posts, for keywords and ads.


The most difficult part of creating a successful conquest marketing campaign is being specific in the targeting. For a restaurant, which could possibly serve everyone within 10 miles, it’s so easy to want to target everyone. For a B2B parts supplier that launched on a few contacts and handshakes but that has since seen new generations of buyers replace previous friendly faces and that now competes with other providers on a national or global stage, they aren’t sure how to target.

It’s here where you need to understand the “back side” of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google and the dozens of ways of targeting your most-likely targets. You really need to understand your most-likely buyer – what stage is your audience in? How do you lead them in that direction? What are the overlapping mixes of behaviors, demographics, psychographics, geography, industry, position, time frame, etc.?


After determining the good, better, best budgeting, then we set up the paid and earned campaigns and pull the trigger. We observe and we adjust. If all this was just for an immediate payoff, then we may be disappointed. However, if the goal really is to win the market and be king of the hill or at least stay near the top, then we’re going down the right long-term plan.

In some instances, we’ve been able to see immediate improvement. But it takes several months and years to overtake the market leader. On the way there, though, revenues and customer counts increase, margins increase as we keep focused on a higher purpose. And along the way we all learn to perform at a market leader level: us, the client, its employees and its audience.

If you desire to be the market leader, you’re going to need more than a cool website or bump in followers on Facebook. You’re going to need a strategy with conquest marketing. And Momentum can help.