3 Quick Tips for Improving Your Local SEO 

SEO is rarely fast and easy, but there are a few quick tips you can implement to help boost your local search volume.

1. Put Your NAP In Your Website Footer 

NAP stands for your business’s name, address, and phone number. That NAP should appear in your website footer if you’re a local business–even one with several locations. 

This is one of the first things we’ll notice during a website audit. It’s an easy thing to overlook, and it’s also super simple to fix. 

Ask your developer or digital marketing specialist to go into the back end of your site and add your name, address, and phone number to your site’s footer. 

2. Optimize Your Google Business Profile 

You probably already know some things about Google Business Profiles–like your ability to add images, create posts, manage your reviews, and update your hours. However, there are tons of other ways to optimize your profile for the best results. 

Google shares abundant information on how to rank better locally. One of their helpful tools is this guide on how to optimize your Google Business Profile.

Here’s a summary, with a few of our favorite tips. 

Services and Other Information 

Tell people what you have to offer and how you offer it. 

List things like the ways you take payment, whether appointments and purchases are available online, what parking looks like, and other information to tell your customers how they can interact with you best. 


If you’re a restaurant, make sure to let customers know if you offer gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and other options. Doing so can help you show up higher for searches related to those terms. 

restaurant attributes on a google business profile

Minority owned businesses can highlight their ownership with attributes as well. There are also ways for businesses to note themselves as safe spaces for LGTBQIA+ guests. 

minority owned business attributes on google business profile

There are multiple accessibility attributes you can add to show the accessibility of your space. These allow you to clarify how accessible your space is in a variety of ways, from your entry, to your bathrooms, seating, elevators, and more. 

Keep Everything Updated! 

If you’ve added images, hours, attributes, services, and posts to your Google Business Profile – don’t view it as a one and done! 

  • You can continuously add images to show upgrades to your location, people using your services, or your business throughout the seasons. 
  • Mark holiday hours or special office hours that are different from your norm. 
  • Keep posting with your latest news, offers, and deals! 

3. Build Unique Location Pages 

If you have multiple local locations, you’ll want a page for each location. This is almost always true whether your locations are in the same town, or spread across several. 

Make sure each landing page has the following: 

  • Your name, address, and phone number (this is also paired best with an embedded Google Map). 
  • Sales contact information vs. customer service information (if applicable). 
  • A written description of your site’s location. What identifiable landmarks is it close to? What is parking like? Is there any tricky construction on the way? 
  • Unique images showing your specific location.
  • Unique location information (think about your Google Business Profile attributes–those are all unique things about you!) Your staff at each location might also be unique. If services vary by location–note that. 

Get Involved in Your Community 

We love it when our local clients tell us that they’re involved in their local communities. First, it’s always great to see members of any town or city giving back to the place they love. Second–it can help your local SEO! 

By supporting other local charities, initiatives, sports teams, and other things, you give yourself the opportunity to create more unique, locally-focused content on your website. 

Start Improving Your Local Search

If you don’t know where to start with local search, try implementing these tips. In doing so, you’ll likely see some ranking improvements and create a strong foundation to build on in the future. 

Featured image provided by Henry Perks on Unsplash.