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Meet The Team

Shane Frost

Shane Frost

Marketing Strategist & Owner

Shelby Cook

Shelby Cook

VP & Partner

Joe Calcagno

Joe Calcagno

Web Coding Guru

Brody Frost

Brody Frost

Digital Creative

Grace Hilty

Grace Hilty

Digital Marketing Assistant

Cole Sanders

Cole Sanders

Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer

Chelsea Moyer Momentum Marketing Consultants Designs

Chelsea Moyer

Research and Content Director

John Taig Momentum Marketing

John Taig

Digital Ads & Creative Assistant

Brody Frost

Jael Canfield

SEO Research, Copy Writer

What Sets You Apart?

If you’ve chatted with a marketing agency before, they should have asked about your differentiators. That is, asking, “What sets you apart from the competition?”

As a marketing agency with offices in Northern Indiana and greater Chicago, we know the importance of “finding your niche.” There are dozens of marketing agencies throughout the Midwest.

We don’t proclaim to be a full-service agency, which a full-time staff of 50-plus. We don’t do it all. But we have quality contacts and partners. We specialize in SEO and PPC and turning that rich content into a targeted strategy to bridge your most probable prospects to your goals.

Get complete reports on progress – and fast results.

Are We the Right Agency for You?

If you want a marketing partner with a genuine interest in finding your audience and your digital footprint, then let’s see if your goals match our team’s best capabilities. If your needs don’t fit our services, we’ll let you know. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with clients who will benefit from what we offer.

Momentum Works Best
With Businesses That Are…

– In need of consulting on digital marketing strategy, tools, or techniques
– Looking for training or support for their in-house marketing team (we can also bring in partners and be your full-service agency if needed)
– B2B and in need of integrated digital marketing, marketing automation or lead generation and CRM tools.
– Wanting ongoing search engine optimization and SEO copywriting that increases their local, regional, or national reach.
– Attending trade shows and want to build and implement a trade show marketing strategy.
– Looking to expand and improve PPC campaigns through social media and Google Ads. (Note: We’re not a social media management agency. Our social initiatives are focused on search optimization and integrated digital marketing campaigns.)
While we don’t do it all, we aren’t afraid to collaborate. We occasionally work with other agencies or contractors to ensure our clients get what they need.

What it Means to Build Momentum

We know “momentum” is overplayed among marketing companies’ names, sales groups, inspirational catchphrases, and motivation motivational posters. Sure, the word may even be cliche. But we started as Momentum Marketing and we’ll own it. The truth is, we do build momentum.

We “increase forward motion.” We do that by removing conversational speed bumps and smoothing out miscommunication on the road before us, simplifying language between our client’s message and the people they want to serve. It’s founded on researching the words and phrases used by our audiences and competitors and finding the difference between those and how we talk to each other internally.

Tactically, this becomes our content, our SEO, our PPC keywords and phrases, our social media and paid social posts. Strategically, all these elements are linked to your site and shared among people you can partner with – no matter if your selling salads for lunch, supplying products B2B, providing professional services, or educating potential buyers of half a million dollar motor coaches.

Essentially, we ensure the sharing of a common language and encouraging conversation among those with similar interests. And that does build momentum.