Marketing Automation 

If you’ve spent much time on the internet, you’ve probably been a part of a marketing automation campaign. Here’s how marketing automation works. There’s a simple form on your website. It asks for three basic fields of information: First Name, Email, Services Your Interested In. Then, a new website visitor sees it and submits the form. Later, they get an email tailored to the service they wanted to hear more about. 

Shortly after that, they visit your website again and browse some service pages. Another email hits their inbox and shows them a video explaining your service in depth. Your lead sales expert sees that this web visitor is super interested in what you have to offer and gives them a call. 

Finally, after several points of contact, you land a client. This kind of automated marketing used to be a dream. Now it’s common practice.

What is Automated Marketing? 

Automated marketing uses targeted, opt-in marketing funnels to send specific product or service information to individuals who request it. Basically, once someone fills out a form or clicks on a link in an email, they enter the top of a sales funnel. Their form submission triggers an automatic process that sends them more info about your product or service.

Automated marketing usually incorporates website development or landing page building with custom forms, and email marketing. Ideally, it also includes videos, social media advertising, and a lead tracking and CRM tool. It works best within an integrated digital marketing strategy that focuses all your marketing into clear funnels for your audience personas and business goals. 

How Does Automated Marketing Work? 

It’s important to note that customers have to opt in to automated marketing campaigns. They can do this by accepting cookies on your website, filling out a form, or clicking a link in an email that’s built in an automated marketing tool. 

If your marketing automation is integrated with a tracking and CRM tool, you’ll be able to visualize how leads are engaging with your media campaigns and create more specific follow ups accordingly. 

Creating Content for Automated Marketing Campaigns 

While the content delivery process is automated, someone still needs to create content for the campaign. At minimum, an automated marketing campaign should have a form, emails, and targeted landing pages about specific products and services. To maximize an automated campaign, spice up the content with good photos, videos, or graphics. Finally, it’s important to drive traffic toward your campaign using SEO and SEM or social media advertising. At Momentum, our team has specialists on staff who can optimize the language, visuals, and strategy of your campaign. 

Is Automated Marketing Creepy? 

Honestly, kind of. The digital age gives marketers more power to send targeted ads to buyers everywhere. However, it’s also advantageous to the buyer, because they’re seeing more relevant ads for things they actually want. Tracking techniques and automated marketing allow buyers to find and learn about what they’re interested in more easily. 

How Much Does Marketing Automation Cost? 

Tools aren’t cheap, but some marketing automation softwares certainly cost more than others. For any decent number of contacts (more than 1,000), products like Hubspot and Pardot start at around 1k a month and go up from there.

But what about small and mid-sized companies? Can they get automated marketing too? 


As a marketing agency that loves small and mid-sized businesses, we wanted to offer automated marketing to businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, we found a partner that allows us to offer automated marketing with our content creation services at the same price you’d get for just Hubspot or Pardot’s software. That means you’ll have automated marketing and content to use with it. 

Schedule an Automated Marketing Show-and-Tell 

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