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Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok – there’s a digital ad platform that can reach anyone, wherever they are on the internet. The best part? They can start reaching your audience fast.

Google Ads

Google Ads are the heart and soul of PPC. What some people don’t realize is just how many types of Google Ads there are. Not only can Google Ads appear in website search results, they also appear as banners or videos ads on youtube if created properly. These variations of advertisements on Google are known as search, display, and video ads.

Google Ad Strategy and Targeting

Strangely enough, Google Ad strategy is similar to that of SEO. Both include keyword research, content writing, and tracking. With Google Ads, there are a few things that really determine your ads placement and success: your bids (how much you’re willing to pay per click), your ad relevance, and your landing page score.

Google wants to make sure everything from the headline of your ad to the call to action on your landing page fits with your campaign, creating a better user experience. Make sure to monitor your ad relevance, landing page scores, and bids to improve your ads’ performance.

Targeting on Google Ads is done with keywords, audience behavior, and affinity categories.

Once someone has visited your site from a Google Ad (and a few other conditions are met), they can be retargetted. No doubt you’ve visited a website, only to leave the website and start seeing ads for that website everywhere.

That’s retargetting.

It’s used by many PPC platforms like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. This powerful tool keeps your businesses at the top of people’s minds even after they leave your site.

Besides retargetting, Google offers a number of ad extensions and tweaking options that allow the ad creators to maximize their ads. We’ve had great success with Google Ads for businesses as well as for marketing trade show events. Utilizing these tools along with our research, campaign strategies, and tracking, we’re able to bring shoppers who are already interested in your products and services to your website.

Social Media Advertising

We don’t like to call ourselves social media managers because we believe the best content comes from people who are inside your business day in and day out. However, social media is a big part of our marketing plan.

How it Works

We use the content on your website to create posts that drive people back to your pages. Then, we boost posts and create targeted ads that put that copy in front of a larger audience.

This works best when we’re writing your website content because like web copy, it’s beneficial for social posts to include the keywords and phrases your audience uses when talking about your products.

The primary social platforms we target are Facebook and Linkedin, but we are also able to work with Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

Momentum is a Google Partner

Members of our team hold certifications in search, display, and video advertising on Google. We’re trusted to create and optimize Google Ad campaigns for businesses in Indiana and beyond.

How Digital Advertising Services Work and Other FAQs

If SEO is organic or “free” traffic, digital advertising is the opposite. Instead, it uses paid ads that bring people to your site. Our digital advertising services include both Google Ads and Social Media Advertising so you can reach your audiences wherever they are.

We get a lot of questions about digital ads. And they are a bit confusing. For example, did you know that LinkedIn ads don’t only show up on the LinkedIn website?

Facts like that are the reason we compiled these FAQ videos for you, but if you watch through and still have questions, we’d love to meet you in person!

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