5 Reasons to Hire A Digital Marketing Agency

Who hires digital marketing agencies? Lots of people, and for lots of reasons. We’ve compiled five common reasons why clients have partnered with Momentum Marketing Consultants – reasons that might apply to you as well.

1. You want to save money

Hiring an agency can be less expensive than hiring a marketer for your team, and is almost always less expensive than hiring a whole in-house department.

Need to hire? Plan on spending anywhere from $35k – $75k for a marketing team member (or even more for certain skillsets). Yes, you can hire interns or people who are completely new to the industry for less, but experienced team members and people with advanced marketing skill sets (like web developers) will be more expensive.

On the flip side, hiring a digital marketing agency can happen in a number of ways that are less costly. You can bring on an agency to complete an urgent project that might take a few months with a team, preventing you from paying a year’s worth of a salary. Occasionally, agencies will offer pay-per-hour services that can also prevent high salary costs.

Yes, the pay-per-hour price is higher than the hourly pay of an employee, but with an agency, pay-per-hour or pay-per-project only costs active working time.

2. You get a team of creatives with various skills

One of the main reasons to hire a digital marketing agency is the benefit of hiring a team instead of an individual. For the cost of a marketing person, you can have a team of creatives working on your digital marketing. That means if you need to add content to your website, you’ll have a content writer, videographer, photographer, and others on your side to get the job done.

If you have a small team, an agency can act as a supplement that rounds out their skills. If you don’t have a team and only have a marketing director, they can act as your agency of record and cover all your major digital marketing needs.

3. You need someone to train or consult
with your in-house marketing team

In addition to creative skills, you can hire a digital agency to consult for your in-house marketing team. This is great for businesses with teams who are new to digital marketing and need help developing strategy, learning tips and tricks, and monitoring results. Investing in your team means they’ll be equipped to handle things on their own eventually, so the cost of bringing on the agency isn’t a permanent investment.

4. Multiple pricing models and plans allow you to customize your experience

We already mentioned pay-per-hour and pay-per-project options, but there are other ways to work with digital marketing agencies. The most common package includes a price-per-month retainer for a set of services chosen by you and the agency. Using the retainer model, you’ll get a set of marketing services completed for you every month without having to worry about them.

5. You can work with a marketing agency on an as-needed basis

Firing has a lot of weight to it, and finding a qualified new hire can take a lot of work. One of the most advantageous parts of working with a digital marketing company is that you can call them when you need them and part ways when you don’t.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?
Choose Wisely.

Like hiring a person, you want to make sure your agency is a good fit for you. Ask the agencies you interview about their success stories, approach, communication, and other questions you might ask a potential employee. The wrong partnership can cause stress, but if you find the right fit, hiring an agency can catapult your business to new heights.

How to Get Started

Contact us about consulting services to have a meeting where we’ll analyze your needs, your team’s experience, and your goals. Then we’ll create a digital marketing consulting plan for you and get started!