Meet SharpSpring

The CRM and Marketing
Automation Tool You’re Missing

Are your marketing initiatives helping your sales teams succeed? Can you track your leads’ interactions with your website, emails, and media? Do your leads get categorized by the persona they fit? Of course they do.

If you have SharpSpring.

One Tool to Rule Them All

Get Your Sales and Marketing Teams Working Together

SharpSpring emerged in 2014 as a new marketing automation and SaaS (software as a service) platform that could compete with Hubspot’s features at a fraction of the cost. Today, it’s used by thousands of businesses and agencies across the country to help sales and marketing teams succeed.

Powerful Features for Less

– Email Marketing
– Social Media Management
– Landing Page Building
– CRM Tools and Integration
– Lead Generation Forms
– Lead Tracking and Insights

Connect Your Funnel & Get
Deep Insights on Your Leads

SharpSpring creates a seamless connection between sales and marketing teams. Not only will your business have Marketing Automation potential, but your sales team will also have a Customer Relations Management software (CRM) that works together with your marketing plan.


You can also integrate popular CRMs like Salesforce to SharpSpring to maximize your sales and marketing funnel’s power.


Use marketing features to set up customized contact forms and dynamic content that fits a specific lead’s customer persona.


Once your lead fills out a form, your sales team will have complete access to the “Life of the Lead,” enabling them to see each of the lead’s interactions with your website and marketing.

Contact (And Convert)

With lead scoring and Life of the Lead reports, your sales team will know exactly when to contact your warm or hot leads to lock in a conversion.

SharpSpring in Action

The tools and benefits that SharpSpring provides are endless, but the real wonder is how they can help businesses succeed. Here are a few examples of how we’re helping clients utilize the power of SharpSpring.

Custom Form Fields For Heart City Health

Prior to SharpSpring, Heart City Health’s contact form on their website was generic. The customer service team couldn’t tell if someone was reaching out to book a dental or women’s health appointment. All the filled-out forms were basically the same, leaving no good way to categorize or follow-up with clients.

With SharpSpring in place, we have more form categories for patients to select. If a patient selects a category (like a dental appointment, a wellness checkup, etc.) they will be put into a contact list with other patients who selected that category.

How does this help?

With these lists in place, we can easily identify who has booked a dental, primary care, or women’s health appointment online. Plus, Heart City Health can view online form submission reports at any time. This organization makes tracking new and current patients engagement with Heart City Health much easier for both marketing and sales departments.

Automated Channel that Gets Contacts to Distributors for Riverside RV

Getting leads to the right national distributor used to be a manual task for the sales team at Riverside RV. Now, it happens automatically. Momentum built an automated workflow within SharpSpring that sends leads to distributors based on a lead’s state of residence (which they identify during a form submission).

This ensures that qualified leads go to the right sales rep automatically, removing menial tasks and headaches from the Riverside sales department.

Funnels Generated for Trade Shows and Events

Pre-COVID, we partnered with several clients to create lead capture strategies during our digital trade show marketing campaigns. We’d build custom landing pages within SharpSpring containing product and booth location info, then follow up with custom emails. Then, sales reps at the trade show event would have a list of leads that they could anticipate stopping by the booth. Plus, they already had follow-up info of leads to nurture after the event.

COVID changed how we’re doing events, but it didn’t change SharpSpring’s ability to capture, nurture, and track leads. During our Heart Beat of the City Drive-In Concert, we still used SharpSpring forms to track registrations for the event.

Get the Power of SharpSpring
Plus Marketing Agency Assistance

As a SharpSpring partner agency, we’re able to provide you with a SharpSpring subscription and agency assistance at a lower monthly cost than most Hubspot subscriptions. If you have your own marketing department, you can contact us for SharpSpring, get on the platform, and have us train your crew on how to use its features.

When you sign up for a SharpSpring subscription through Momentum, you’ll get access to all of SharpSpring’s tools and our team’s assistance in setting up and running your automated marketing funnel. Different levels of partnership allow us to run your SharpSpring account for you or train your internal marketing team to do it themselves.

Let Us Show You the Magic

Don’t take our word for it. Let us show you SharpSpring in action. Book a SharpSpring demo with our team to see how SharpSpring can help your business grow.