In 2023, We Produced More Than 100 Videos. These Are a Few of Our Favorites.

In 2023, we ramped up our video marketing services, producing over 100 videos for our clients. As we embark on our tenth year of operations in February 2024, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our ninth year— undeniably our best yet. 

Join us in celebrating our top 10 video projects that defined that remarkable year.

Educational Videos 

Borden Waste-Away Services, Inc. 

While keeping trash out of sight and out of mind, Borden Waste-Away Services, Inc. goes beyond providing on-time and clean service. By staying at the forefront of technology, they keep more than 95% of ALL the recycling collected from landfills. 

This means one of the cleanest Material Recovery Facilities in the world is here in Elkhart. Offering the community a tour of the MRF is more than a glimpse behind the scenes; it’s an opportunity to put individual recycling efforts into perspective, empowering everyone to make a meaningful difference.

Giving/Fundraising Campaign Videos 

Cancer Resources for Elkhart County 

Cancer Resources for Elkhart County is a beacon of support for those affected by this relentless disease. In 2022, Jack Woodiel faced the daunting diagnosis of a rare cancer.

Amidst the challenges of battling cancer, the Woodiel family also dealt with vehicle breakdowns. Fortunately, the Woodiels were put in contact with Cancer Resources, who alleviated some of the financial burden by assisting with costly repairs. 

Today, we’re elated to share that Jack has completed his treatment and received multiple rounds of clear scans, marking a hopeful chapter in his journey.

Crossroads United Way

For over a century, Crossroads United Way has served as a steadfast ‘community chest,’ addressing the evolving needs of Elkhart, LaGrange, and Noble Counties. Collaborating with them, we contributed to their ‘Be the One’ campaign, a rallying call for support.

Starting with the exhilarating annual Cardboard Boat Race, ‘Be the One’ recognizes advocates, volunteers, and donors, and asks a compelling question: ‘Will you be the one?’ It’s a poignant reminder of the collective impact individuals can make in their communities.

YWCA North Central Indiana 

YWCA North Central Indiana serves as a vital women’s shelter, providing sanctuary and support. When tasked with the challenge of promoting the shelter without invoking potentially negative or triggering emotions, we devised a solution: ‘It’s about the W.’

By placing women empowerment front and center, we illuminate the vibrant community that the YWCA has cultivated to strengthen and embolden women. While not directly translatable, we also made sure our Spanish speaking community heard the message: “Se trata de las mujeres.” It’s about the women!


Navigating the intricacies of local and Federal grant applications is no small feat, and in today’s landscape, a compelling video explanation often becomes a necessity. Lacasa stands as a leader in the work for affordable housing in Goshen and Elkhart, with grant funding playing a pivotal role in the size of their impact.

This past summer presented a unique challenge when Lacasa learned of a potential grant just days before the application deadline. Undeterred, our team sprang into action, crafting, shooting, and editing a video within a week. The video not only encapsulated Lacasa’s mission but also conveyed the crucial significance of their work in neighborhood development.

E3 Robotics Center 

E3 Robotics Center extends beyond the conventional by not just teaching children and teens about electronics, coding, and engineering. 

In this dynamic space, they cultivate skills crucial for personal and professional growth – teamwork, cooperation, communication, and organization – all within a jovial environment.

To capture the spirit of their annual Golf Scramble fundraiser, we decided to add a playful twist. Our ad, reminiscent of Sir David Attenborough’s style, not only showcases the technical side but also brings out the humorous essence of E3 Robotics Center.

Product/Service Videos

The Vine

Nestled on Main Street in Elkhart, The Vine stands as a local staple, celebrated for its mantra of ‘Fine food and frivolity.’ Chef Cappy, the culinary maestro behind the scenes, graciously shared his love for cooking with us.

Drawing inspiration from the artistry of Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table,’ we themed our video around Vivaldi’s Winter. Capturing the essence of one of our all-time favorite restaurants and featuring the creative genius of Executive Chef Cappy made this project exceptionally enjoyable.

C&G Auto Center

C&G Auto Center is an automotive repair shop in Orlando Florida. Carlos owns and runs the shop that he took over from his parents. We made a video that delved into their compelling story, showcasing the ethos that sets them apart.

Beyond their garage doors, C&G Auto Center extends its commitment to both the local community and visiting tourists alike. We also made similar video content for clients in Everett, WA, Marietta, GA, Holmes, NY.

TMT Automotive

TMT Automotive stands as a shining success story that we proudly showcase at every opportunity. As they celebrated their 40th year in business, they grew from 2 to 5 locations. 

In collaboration with Mike and Tony, the father-son owners, we crafted an advertisement designed to reassure prospective customers.

Beyond emphasizing TMT’s trustworthiness and reliability in automotive service, the ad highlighted the added convenience of free loaner cars, ensuring to everyone that at TMT “We Keep You Moving!”

Event Promotion

Elkhart Air Show 

The Elkhart Air Show, once a magnificent spectacle drawing enthusiasts year after year, faced the daunting challenge of resuming its grandeur after a hiatus. When the Municipal Airport approached us, we rolled up our sleeves to breathe life back into this iconic event.

The Salute to Veterans WWII Reenactments and Airshows may have been a mouthful to say, but it was an overwhelming success! The blue skies and perfect May temperatures made for a wonderful Sunday and we can’t wait for their return in the future.