Integrated Digital Marketing

Momentum focuses on connecting the dots between strategic social media marketing, search and display advertising, video promotion, SEO and your CRM, turning engagement into  leads for your business. Integrated marketing makes that happen.

Our experience includes our Google Partnership, being a Facebook Blueprint for Business agency, and our newest implementation of marketing automation tools. Earned and paid social media, SEO, and Google Ads search and display efforts will now feed your sales team with warm and hot leads. We can ensure results because we use the best digital practices in reaching specific audiences. targets your audience by their behavior, their location, their expressed interests, and other demographics. We reach them through mobile apps, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google. Marketing automation lets us respond to interested prospect with dynamic messaging at the right time.

Imagine all your marketing working together to drive leads, convert sales, and optimize spend.

Drive More Leads

More than just more. Drive relevant leads that convert. It’s not about more traffic to your website – it’s about the right traffic and collecting visitor data.

Convert Leads to Sales

Integrated marketing allows us to send exactly the right message at exactly the right time across all your digital marketing platforms using powerful, behavioral-based communication. After getting the right traffic, collecting the visitor data, we’ll personalize their interaction with your brand and notify your sales team.

Optimize Your Spend

Build on what works and cut what doesn’t. Comprehensive reports make it easy. Whether its Google Ads, Social Media, email, even trackable phone numbers and unique landing pages attached to print campaigns, we monitor and report on our integrated marketing campaigns to make sure you get results.

Would you like a demonstration of how we can drive digital marketing results into actual leads for your business?