Lead Generation, Tracking, and CRM Solutions

“I saw your ad in the paper.” 

Back in the day, that statement was enough to call a marketing campaign “successful.” Then came the age of digital marketing, when marketing departments and agencies could report on impressions, clicks, and general engagement. 

These days, businesses want more. What about leads? Warm leads? Conversions? 

There’s more pressure than ever before for marketing to generate results. Even though the sheer number of marketing initiatives out there makes it hard to snag a slice of a buyer’s attention, serious reporting is a legitimate request. Technology has given marketers more tools than ever to generate leads, track campaign results, and quantify the quality of customer relations. 

Our Services

Lead Generation

Get new, interested leads to your website. 


Review each interaction your leads have with your content.

CRM Solutions

Implement lead scoring so your sales team contacts leads at the exactly right moment. 

Lead Generation

Finding new leads is one goal of any business. Lead generation can be achieved through any marketing initiatives, but we have a few preferences. 

Tips for Generating New Leads 

Market to Warm Leads – It never hurts to get your brand out there. Radio, TV, Print and Billboard campaigns are great brand awareness tactics that may turn into new leads. However, at Momentum Marketing Consultants, we like to focus on methods like search engine optimization (SEO) and digital advertising (Google Ads and Social Media Ads).

This is our preferred form of marketing because it reaches targeted audiences that are either already searching for your products and services or are in a demographic group that is likely to do so. 

Implement Lead Capture – Always, always, always ask new clients, “how did you hear about us?” This simple question is an old-fashioned way of tracking success, but it’s still an important – and free – one. For more detailed reports on marketing success, add forms to your website or create email campaigns for interested leads to opt into. With the right tools in place, these two lead capture methods give you the power to track lead interest and follow up with engaged leads. 

Important Note: Lead capture and follow up is one of the most important parts of trade show marketing. If you’re headed to trade shows this year, don’t forget to create a lead gen and follow up strategy for your trade show marketing in advance! 

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Tracking & CRM Solutions 

Once you’ve generated new leads, you’ll want to track their interest in your business. Momentum is a Google Partner that holds several Google certifications as well as certifications in a CRM and lead scoring tool. This tool, which also includes powerful integrated, automated marketing features, allows us to measure your contacts’ interest in your business, website, products, emails, and more. Additionally, we’ll be able to set your business up with email campaigns and custom landing pages targeted to each of your buyer personas. 

CRM Tool Benefits 

  • Lead Scoring (Monitor contact engagement with your website, emails, social media and more)
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns 
  • Customizable Landing Pages 
  • Marketing to Customer Personas 

Let Us Show You What We’re Capable Of 

We could talk about our tools and strategies all day, but we’d rather show you what we have to offer. Reach out to schedule a demo of our tools. We can’t wait to show you how we build momentum for your business! 

Want an idea of how Momentum Marketing Consultants can help you with digial marketing – like we do for our current clients?