Elkhart’s Digital Marketing Agency

Momentum Marketing Consultants serves as a marketing agency in Elkhart and surrounding areas ranging from South Bend to Southern Indiana.

Our client base is broad, consisting of Elkhart businesses and regional brands ranging from South Bend to Southern Indiana. We’ve helped dozens of clients with local, regional, and national audiences boost their digital presence through integrated and automated digital marketing strategies.

E-commerce is booming—there’s no doubt about that. In fact, the National Retail Federation (NRF) expects online retail to grow 8 to 12% in 2017 alone. That is three times greater than that of brick and mortar retail growth.

And with large chain stores such as Macy’s and Sears reporting disappointing quarterly sales in Q1 of 2017, it is no surprise that retailers are shifting their focus online. However, with this growth and shift comes increased competition online.

If you have been searching for a marketing agency in Elkhart or surrounding communities, thank you for considering us.

Our Elkhart County Roots

We started in Elkhart, and even though we’re expanding, we’re staying here. Our office is in the heart of the Heart City – right on Main Street. Go a block South and you’ll hit the Lerner Theatre and Elkhart Chamber of Commerce (our project manager is currently going through the Elkhart Leadership Academy). To the East you’ll find the St. Joseph River and our team’s Monday lunch location, The Vine. Our team is committed to this community, serving on multiple local and regional boards that keep Elkhart’s progress moving forward.

Local, National, and Global Digital Marketing Services

Our bread-and-butter is integrated, automated digital marketing for B2B clients, but we’ve helped all kinds of businesses improve their digital advertising, search results, and more. Whether you need help appearing in the Local 3 Pack or want full-scale marketing automation, we’d love to help.