Momentum is coming to South Bend!

That’s right. In 2020 Momentum will have a South Bend presence in the East Bank Village! Since day one, we’ve built great relationships with clients in South Bend. Heading in to the next decade, we plan to continue those relationships with a little less distance.

Is Momentum Marketing Consultants the Right Marketing Agency for You?

Momentum Marketing Consultants serves as a¬†marketing agency in South Bend and surrounding areas with clients who have local, regional and national audiences. As a digital marketing agency, we do a lot, but we don’t do it all. That’s something we view as a strength, not a weakness. Our specialty lies in digital marketing integration and automation that focuses on lead generation and follow up.

Our Digital Marketing Specialties

We can build websites. We can create graphics. But our best client relationships are with those who are looking for true marketing integration and automation rather than disjointed, one-off projects.

To us, integration and automation go hand in hand. Running digital ad campaigns without focusing on topically-relevant landing pages is useless. Generating leads without implementing a follow-up strategy wastes valuable marketing resources.

Our process starts with learning about your brand – not building it – and then using a strategic sales funnel to generate and nurture warm leads. How do we do it?



We start with search engine marketing – a powerful combination of SEO and PPC. By gaining ground in organic and paid search traffic, we don’t leave any warm leads behind. This process includes lots of audience and keyword research, copywriting, and digital ad creation paired with strategic landing page creation.

Lead Generation and Follow Up

SEO and PPC help bring attention to your site. Lead generation – via forms and email marketing, allows us to stay in touch with people who are interested in your products and services.

It’s important to remember that most shoppers don’t make purchase decisions – especially big ones – in a day. Building a lead nurture strategy is critical for slowly building raport with your potential customers. Our sales funnel includes CRM tools that track audience engagements and allows for automated, personalized follow ups that are tailored to your different audience personas.

Trade Show Marketing

After years in the marketing business, we’ve found a successful niche in marketing clients’ presence at trade shows. Trade show marketing helps you bring your target audience to your booth and follow up with them after the show.

We’re Not the Right Marketing Agency for Everyone

And we know it. And that’s ok. Branding projects aren’t our cup of tea, which is why we share office space with Taig Marks Inc., a branding agency that partners with us on projects our team isn’t specialized in. We’re collaborators at heart, and integrity with our clients is a primary concern. If we get the chance to meet you and realize we aren’t the best fit for your needs – we’ll let you know.

See You Soon in Our South Bend Office

Recently, our friends at Valor Partners purchased a wonderful space on the corner of Colfax and Eddy St. The classic, vine-adorned building is a house that was also liscensed as a business by previous owners. Currently, the space is being set up for habitation, but once we move in our relationship with South Bend clients will be up-close and personal. Still, if your looking for integrated, automated digital marketing, you don’t have to wait to reach out. We’re happy to meet our clients where they’re at, whether it’s South Bend, Elkhart, Chicago, Columbus, or Southern Indiana!