Work One-on-One with a Digital Advertising Consultant

As digital advertising consultants, we help you learn how to reach your audience where they are – on social media platforms and search engines, browsing for products and services that solve their problems.

Utilizing the power of digital advertising allows you to present your product and service solutions to potential customers around your local area, the country, or the world. With retargeting, your ads will continue showing up to interested leads, so you’re always at the top of their minds.

Your digital advertising consultant can train an individual or a segment of your marketing team to wield the power of digital ads in a concentrated, targeted, effective way.

Looking for Something Different?

How Digital Advertising Consulting Works

Training and consulting packages are customized to meet your team and marketing needs.

1. Pick Your Focus

You can choose to focus on social media ads, Google ads, or both! Once you pick a focus, your consultant will ask you about your digital advertising goals and begin creating personalized plans to help you reach them.

2. Choose Your Timeline

Select weekly or monthly training sessions ranging from 1 – 2 hours in length. Q&A sessions with your digital ad consultant outside of standard training are typically 30 minutes long. Due to the personalized instruction that’s set up for each consulting client, a package with multiple training sessions each week will be negotiated at a higher price point.

3. Start Your Consultations!

With your focus and time frame selected you can usually begin your consulting within a week! Get a notepad and prepare to learn!

Learn the Language of Social Media Ads, Google Ads, and More!

Getting started with digital advertising can be intimidating. We’ve worked with experienced individuals who are learning a new technique or platform, and we’ve worked with people who have never logged into an ad account!

We’ll start your consulting sessions by getting a feel for your experience so your digital ad consultant can create personalized training plans for your skill level and your goals.

Get Trained on Social Media Tools & Tactics

– Boosting posts on Facebook
– Navigating ads manager and business manager on Facebook
– Audience research and targeting strategies on Facebook and Linkedin
– Creating ads for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
– Reading and creating reports

Learn Google Ads Tools & Tactics

– Search, display, and video ads
– Keywords and negative keywords
– Audience targeting and retargeting
– Ad extensions
– Reading and creating reports

What to Expect

Having a consultant isn’t the same as having a marketing representative from an agency of record. Your social media consultant or Google Ad consultant is here to empower your team to run and monitor digital ad campaigns on their own.

Typical consulting sessions will include training on a set of concepts or tools, followed by a practical “homework” assignment that makes the training practical.

This means that while your consultant will create lesson plans for training sessions, provide research and strategy, answer questions and more, your team will ultimately be the ones finishing the work.

Don’t have a team? We can perform these tasks for you. Take a look at our digital marketing services for more info. We’re also used to working alongside existing marketing teams – providing training for some services while completing other tasks ourselves. We suggest setting up a meeting with our team to see which options might work best for you.

Get Started with Professional Digital Advertisers

Your team will work with a mix of trained Google Ad and Social Media advertisers. To explore what plans and pricing will look like for individual or team training, contact us about our consultation services!

We love helping businesses, and people, succeed, and we look forward to meeting you!