Search Engine Marketing Consultants

Leveling Up Your Internal Marketing Capabilities

Any website that wants to show up online is competing against  millions of sites on the web.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consultants strategize for your team to boost your digital visibility and grow your market share. 

Let’s look at what SEM consultants do, how they do it, and why they are so important for businesses trying to show up online.

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What to Expect from SEM Consulting

As consultants, we’re focused on empowering your team to succeed with strategic marketing goals.

Customized Strategies

SEM Consulting on a strategy level can take many forms. A small sample of what we offer includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Content strategies
  • Competitor research
  • Ad account audit and recommendations
  • SEO audit and recommendations (local or national)

If you only need help with one piece of the SEM pie, we can focus our energy there. If you need assistance with it all, we can do that too. The most important thing is that we are aware of any strategizing that we’re not directly involved with so that we can make sure our plans synchronize with yours.

Team Training

We’re not afraid to share our secrets. If you want to level up a team member’s skillset, we’re happy to help.

Training sessions will include one or multiple meetings on a set of concepts or tools, followed by a “homework” assignment that makes the training practical.

This means that while your consultant will create lesson plans for training sessions, provide research and strategy, answer questions and more, your team will ultimately be the ones finishing the work.

A Few Of Our Favorite Things  (SEM Tools We’d Love to Show You)

More About SEM Consultants: A Thorough Look At The Job

4 Key Components of SEM Consultants

SEM consultants analyze your existing digital marketing content and develop new strategies to meet your goals. Their roles can be broken down into several key components:



No good strategy comes without an audit of your existing one. Most search engine marketing consultants start with auditing, and we’re the same way. By identifying where you stand, we can make goals, track progress, and only change what isn’t working. 

Keyword Research and Analysis

SEM consultants embark on a quest for the most relevant and impactful keywords. Through extensive research and analysis, they identify the phrases potential customers use when searching for products or services similar to what a business offers. This foundational step forms the bedrock of all SEM efforts.

Competitor Intelligence

Keep your friends close and your competitors closer. Using keyword gap reports and other audits, we can see how you compete with others locally or nationally. Additionally, we can find out what strategies are working, why, and how to levy those for your success. 

Strategic Campaign Planning

SEM consultants are master strategists. They plan and execute SEM campaigns tailored to the unique goals and aspirations of each business. Crafting compelling ad copies, selecting the most pertinent keywords, setting budgets, and scheduling ads strategically are all part of their expertise.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization: SEM consultants don’t just set campaigns adrift; they meticulously monitor their performance. Metrics like Click-Through Rates (CTR), Conversion Rates, and Return on Investment (ROI) are their guiding stars. Continuous monitoring allows them to optimize campaigns in real-time, ensuring maximum efficiency.

How Hiring SEM Consultants Can Help Your Business

Enhanced Visibility and Credibility 

Appearing on the first page of search results instills trust among users, indicating the business’s relevance and reliability. When you start showing up well for even a few key terms, you begin to build trust with your audience. That trust in your expertise can help you rank even better. 


Google has a name for visibility and credibility. They call it EEAT, or, Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust. In other words, your website should demonstrate experience in your field that leads to expert-level content on a safe, secure, well-built website. You’ll use that content to build trust, and use trust to become an authority online. Your SEM Consultant will help you develop more EEAT over time and will increase your performance as a result. 

Targeted Lead Generation 

SEM Consultants are less interested in traffic volume than they are in traffic quality. By targeting specific demographics, geographic locations, and user behaviors, they find high quality leads who are actually looking for your service or product. 

Optimizing Ad Spend Budgets 

With thousands of keywords to bid on for dozens or even hundreds of products or services, it’s easy to blow through a budget. On the other hand, one mistake some businesses make is never trying higher spend on a high volume term. 

We optimize campaigns to make the most out of the available budget, and make suggestions on how much to spend, where, and for how long. By tracking ad performance, we can make wise decisions in cutting or increasing spend. 

SEM Consultant Deliverables 

Local SEO Optimization

For businesses catering to local markets, SEM consultants emphasize Local SEO. This involves optimizing business listings, creating Google My Business profiles, and acquiring positive reviews. Local SEO ensures businesses dominate local searches, attracting nearby customers.

Digital Ad Integration 

SEM doesn’t exist in isolation; it converges with the realm of social media. SEM consultants integrate strategies with platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. 

Content Marketing Synergy

An SEM Consultant always needs to know what’s happening with all your content creation. By aligning SEM strategies with high-quality content, businesses not only attract traffic but also engage users meaningfully. 

The synergy between SEM and content marketing is a recipe for sustained online success.



Are SEO And SEM The Same Thing? 

No, but they are related. Search engine marketing is about increating your website’s visibility on search engine results pages. SEO is one way to show up online, but it’s only part of the equation. SEM is interested in both the free (SEO) and paid (Google Ads, Social Media Ads, etc.) methods of increasing your digital presence. 

That means your SEM consultant should know a lot about SEO, but they’ll also need expertise in paid advertising to be a true SEM consultant. 

At Momentum, we have multiple team members who are part of any SEM consulting. Some are focused on paid ads, some are focused on SEO, and some are experts in analytics. 

By hiring a team of consultants, you’re getting strategies and training from individual experts who work as a team to give you the best possible solutions.