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Who are Momentum Marketing Consultants?

We are a team of entrepreneurial marketers. Frequently, the team works with independent services providers. Together we provided sustained content, UX design, videography, copywriters, outdoor events, digital marketing & business strategy. Ultimately, together we build momentum for you.

Momentum Marketing Consultants grows with its clients. We’re helping launch businesses and designing, writing, sales & SEO results for national & local organizations. We put our experience and technology to work. Certainly, we help businesses compete online and offline.


Momentum Marketing Consultants helps organizations grow. We cultivate authentic messaging and engaging content to increasingly connect our clients with their audiences.

We use websites, social media, reputation management, search and display advertising, traditional media, and the latest in technology as vehicles to deliver our messaging.

Monica Brazier:
& Project Manager 

Louie Chambers:
Business Manager

Dounia Ardahji:
Business Development Manager

Matt Wirick:
Account Manager

Shane Frost:
President & Marketer


Brody Frost:
Graphic Designer

Justine Webb:
Controller & 
Finance Manager

We work closely with these complementary providers: