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About Us at Momentum Marketing Consultants

We are a team of entrepreneurial-minded marketers. We strategize and execute with experience and confidence. When we need more assistance, we’ll work with some of the most talented independent services providers. Together we provide functional websites for small businesses, large corprations, e-commerce businesses and nonprofits. We will deliver sustained content marketing, continue SEO, SEM, UX design, videography, copywriting, provide for outdoor events, and company culture discovery.

More importantly, we research to understand the language involved in the communication between real people and our clients’ businesses.

Shane Frost

Owner, Marketer

He’s been a journalist, marketer, and executive team member of a media company with more than 20 years of experience – and he still loves to find, to listen to and to tell stories.

Shane travels with his wife, has fun with his dog, and listens to business on Audible.


Dounia Ardahji

Project Management

Dounia’s interest in marketing started with her passion for writing and storytelling, which she enjoys doing to connect audiences to businesses and brands online.

If lost, she can be found at home re-watching “The Office” with a few cats in her lap.



Brody Frost

Graphics and Videography

Brody appreciates company culture within advertising and the psychology behind it. He brings his creative ideation and a unique perspective to every project the team takes on.

Brody enjoys watching Jeopardy and roots for the Colts and the Fighting Irish.




We know “momentum” is so overplayed among the names of marketing companies, sales groups, inspirational catchphrases, and motivational posters. Sure, the word may even be cliche. But we started out as Momentum Marketing and we’ll own it. Truth is, we do build momentum.

We “increase forward motion.” We do that by removing conversational speed bumps and smoothing out miscommunication on the road before us, simplifying language between our client’s message and the people they want to serve. It’s founded on researching the words and phrases used by our audiences and competitors and finding the difference between those and how we talk to each other internally.

Tactically, this becomes our content, our SEO, our PPC keywords and phrases, our social media and paid social posts. Strategically, all these elements are linked to your site and shared among people you can partner with – no matter if your selling salads for lunch, supplying products B2B, providing professional services, or educating potential buyers of half a million dollar motor coaches.

Essentially, we are ensuring the sharing of a common language and encouraging conversation among those with similar interests. And that does build momentum.