Elkhart River Challenge

Client: Lacasa, Inc. 

Lacasa, Inc is an organization that creates residential and financial opportunities for residents in Elkhart County. Their work impacts individuals, neighborhoods, and communities–and it relies on sponsors and fundraisers to continue its mission. 

Problem: Few Fundraiser Ideas 

Coming out of the pandemic, the team at Lacasa knew that they wanted, and needed, a fundraiser. However, their own day-to-day work makes it hard to spend time coming up with ideas.

Solution: The First Kayak Fundraiser in Elkhart 

Momentum Marketing Consultants came to a meeting with a pitch that included a kayaking event on the Elkhart river, and the Elkhart River Challenge was born. Featuring a parade float and a 17.2 mile endurance course, the Elkhart River Challenge offered a fun activity to the community that included prizes and food trucks, all in support of Lacasa. 

On Oct. 2nd, 2021, 29 people participated, raising awareness and funds through participation and sponsorships for Lacasa, Inc, and bringing positive attention to the Elkhart River. It returned in 2022 with 31 kayakers participating in the challenge. 

“When we launched our first-ever Elkhart River Challenge, Momentum was with us for every step, from ideation to marketing to capturing the event via captivating photo and video work.

Marketing and publicity are key to launching something new like this and we were pleasantly surprised by the public awareness, engagement, and media response to Momentum’s work.”

-Chris Kingsley, President/CEO of Lacasa, Inc. (emphasis added)

Elkhart River Challenge 2021
Elkhart River Challenge 2021
Elkhart River Challenge 2021
Elkhart River Challenge 2021