Marketing Heart City Health 

It’s the snowball effect. One tiny flake accumulates into a fist-sized ball that’s rolled into the 3’ base of a snowman. That’s how Momentum works, and it perfectly summarizes our relationship with Heart City Health. Our relationship began in the end of 2019, and is still going strong with more tangible results coming in every month. 

Here’s what building Momentum looked like with Heart City Health.

Key Objectives 

We first engaged with Heart City Health just as they were opening their new Women’s Health Center. Launching the new location presented us with significant marketing challenges. We were tasked with raising awareness about the new center, which culminated during the ribbon cutting ceremony. 

Our team partnered with TaigMarks to create bilingual billboards and flyers, press releases, website pages, social media announcements, videos and more. 

The launch was a success, with a full opening ceremony and new client sign ups. 

From that point forward, we’ve continued to incrementally build momentum for Heart City Health via social ads, videography, web page creation and more.

Marketing Tasks  

  • Traditional and Digital Advertising 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Custom Website Forms 
  • Lead Generation and Tracking 
  • Social Media 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Videography

Success Points 

heart city health page likes

1000+ New Likes

We achieved a steady increase in social media page likes and engagement via a regular posting and advertising with dialed-in ad targeting.

heart city health visibility graph

Steady SEO Growth

SEO takes time, effort, and more time. However, our new website pages are starting to have an impact on the site, bringing 43 new, non-branded keywords into the Google top 100 for Heart City Health, with 20+ non-branded keywords climbing into first or second-page positions in less than three months and multiple new non-branded terms holding top 3 positions.

heart city health form submissions

188 New Form Submissions in Less Than 3 Months

Yes, we’re driving traffic to the website with social media advertising and SEO. We’re also focused on making sure we know what happens to that traffic once it gets to the site.

Project FAQs

What Are Non-Branded Keywords?

Many companies aim to rank #1 for their own name on Google – which is important. However, your SEO efforts can’t stop there. Non-branded keywords are search terms that don’t include your brand name, but often bring in lots more traffic.

How do form submissions integrate with sales?

We use integrated marketing tools that allow us to segment leads who submit forms into targetted lists based on their product desires or service needs. In the case of Heart City Health, this has allowed us to create contact email lists based on services like Dental, OBGYN, and Behavioral Health. That way, contacts can receive content that is always pertinant to them and the services they requested. 

Is all your work with Heart City Health digital?

No! Traditional marketing can still hold value to the right audience. We’ve partnered with Taig Marks to create billboards, flyers, radio ads and more. 

Client Feedback 

“Simply put, Momentum Marketing exemplifies customer service and creativity. No matter how big or small the project, Momentum’s communication and attention to detail are second to none. Their knowledge and experience in the marketing industry are unmatched and it is obvious that they take great pride in the professional quality of their work. They are always quick to respond and they always produce a polished product that is tailored to the exact audience we are trying to reach. Their enthusiasm for marketing is evident in all they do and it is truly a pleasure to recommend Momentum Marketing.”

Sarah Snyder, Director of Marketing & Outreach, Heart City Health

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