Thor Motorcoach

Client: Thor Motor Coach 

As a top-tier manufacturer of motorhomes in Elkhart, Thor Motor Coach was already a prominent name in the industry before they came to Momentum. However, even big names face new challenges, and the Thor Motor Coach team sought out Momentum for strategic assistance. 

Problem: Breaking Into the B-Van Market 

Thor Motor Coach was preparing to launch two new b-vans. Additionally, they had recently hired several employees who would fill out the rest of their in-house marketing team. Thor Motor Coach wanted to train those employees on search engine optimization best practices, and use Momentum to run digital ads for their b-van product line to give themselves a strong entry into the market. 

Solution: Upping the Search Game 

Several members of the Thor Motor Coach team came into the Momentum office for three hour SEO training sessions every few weeks for a duration of three months. During the sessions, they learned how to use key tools, how to perform keyword and competitor research, how to write good content for search, and how to monitor results. 

Meanwhile, Momentum also ran Google Search ads to start driving b-van buyers to the Thor Motor Coach website. 

After a few months of search optimization and ads, Thor Motor Coach went from having 0% of the b-van market to owning 8%. A few months later, that number increased to 13%. 

“Momentum Marketing has really grown our overall Google and SEO site capabilities. Chelsea at Momentum has been a tremendous help on both training and organizing a complete SEO strategy that has given Thor Motor Coach an edge in our industry.”

-Thor Motor Coach Team (emphasis added)