Search Engine Marketing

Search engines dominate the internet space, and if your business can figure out how to tap into your slice of the 3.5 billion Google searches per day (Bing also matters), then you’ll be set to capture the leads who are already looking for you.

Understanding how search engines work is a task. Algorithms are tricky, a bit shrouded in vague language, and often changing. There are dozens of tools and plugins designed to help you improve your SEO and Google Ad performance, but many of them aren’t user friendly unless you have some background knowledge in how search engine marketing works.

Enter search engine marketing consultants.

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Essential Principles and Concepts
for Search Engine Marketing

Marketing teams start consulting sessions with different levels of expertise. Some come in with a marketing foundation, others are switching into marketing from a related field. Some may know the lingo of search while others have never heard of basic concepts.

We’ll start by gauging where you’re at on your search engine marketing journey, then introduce you to the basic concepts and terms that will help you throughout the rest of your sessions.

We’ll start your consulting sessions by getting a feel for your experience so your marketing automation consultant can create personalized training plans for your skill level and your goals.

Search Engine Optimization Tools & Tactics

Now more than ever, people understand the need for search engine optimization. The SEO market is booming with “quick fixes” and tools that will get your SEO on track, but without some baseline knowledge, it’s easy to get suckered into purchasing a tool that tells you your SEO is great when your website isn’t ranking for any major terms!

Here’s the truth.

There’s no quick fix for SEO, and not all businesses need the same level of SEO work for success. Rural, local businesses often need less search engine optimization than national brands or local places in big cities.

Analyzing what SEO tactics you need and employing them can help you reach your audience on a local, national, or global scale. While these efforts take time, the results speak for themselves.

Here are some of the tools and methods you’ll learn with a search engine optimization consultant:

– Keyword research tools (Google Trends, Ubersuggest, SEMrush etc.)
– Reading and interpreting SEO audits
– Competitor research with and without tools
– Content writing for search engine optimization
– Creating a content strategy
– Google Search Console and measuring progress

Google Ads Tools & Tactics

Search engine marketing consultants are focused on both the organic traffic offered by SEO, and the paid search traffic you can get through Google Ads. These digital marketing methods have a lot in common, and both are important parts of any search engine marketing strategy.

Search advertising consultants focus primarily on teaching the methods for creating quality Google Ads that appear for the right audience, on the right search terms, at the right time.

They focus on building healthy ad accounts, optimizing ads, and tracking their performance. Because a major factor of ad performance is dependent on your landing page (or the place people go when they click your ad) quality, it’s important to have a search engine optimization strategy in place that can correlate with your Google Ad goals.

Here are some things you’ll work on with your Google Ad consultant:

– Search, display, and video ads
– Keywords and negative keywords
– Landing page health
– Audience targeting and retargeting
– Ad extensions
– Reading and creating reports

How Search Engine Marketing Consulting Works

Training and consulting packages are customized to meet your team and marketing needs.

1. Pick Your Focus

You can choose to focus on search engine optimization, Google ad performance, or both! Once you pick a focus, your consultant will ask you about your marketing goals and begin creating personalized plans to help you reach them.

2. Choose Your Timeline

Select weekly or monthly training sessions ranging from 1 – 2 hours in length. Q&A sessions with your consultant outside of standard training are typically 30 minutes long. Due to the personalized instruction that’s set up for each consulting client, a package with multiple training sessions each week will be negotiated at a higher price point.

3. Start Your Consultations!

With your focus and time frame selected you can usually begin your consulting within a week! Get a notepad and prepare to learn!

What to Expect from Search Engine Consulting

Having a consultant isn’t the same as having a marketing representative from an agency of record. Your search engine marketing consultant is here to empower your team to perform critical marketing tasks on their own.

Typical consulting sessions will include training on a set of concepts or tools, followed by a practical “homework” assignment that makes the training practical.

This means that while your consultant will create lesson plans for training sessions, provide research and strategy, answer questions and more, your team will ultimately be the ones finishing the work.

Don’t have a team? We can perform these tasks for you. Take a look at our digital marketing services for more info. We’re also used to working alongside existing marketing teams – providing training for some services while completing other tasks ourselves. We suggest setting up a meeting with our team to see which options might work best for you.

Get Started with Professional
Search Engine Marketers

Using the same methods outlined above, your search engine marketing consultants have helped businesses around the U.S. improve their local and national search performance. When working with search engine consultants from Momentum Marketing, you’ll be paired with a mix of Google Ad certified, Google Analytics certified, and SEMrush Advanced certified trainers. Contact us to get started with consulting an individual or team today.