Social Media Marketing

Marketing on social media has been and will continue to be a powerful thing for businesses. Our social media package is designed to supplement your internal social media efforts with excellent content that speaks to your shoppers. 

Here’s what we offer. 

Social Ads 

Finding your audience and presenting them with the right message at the right time is our strength. We do this through digital ad targeting, and a lot of that happens on social media, which bring new people to your feed who match your audience and aren’t already following you. 

Our ads range from product and service pitches to employment searches and trade show promotions. Basically, if you need to reach your audience with a message–we know how to find them, and we’ll create the visuals and copy to get them interested in learning more. 

Social Posts 

In addition to ads, our social media marketing package typically includes 1 post per week. These posts are carefully created and include the following. 

  • Photography 
  • Branded Graphics 
  • Key Copy 

Our posts are written, scheduled, and approved by a member of your team up to a month in advance so you don’t have to worry about scrambling at the last minute. 

Influencer Vetting 

The world of influencer marketing can be intimidating, which is why we provide influencer vetting services that can help you secure valid and effective influencers who are relevant to your audience. Our team can help reach out to influencers, make sure their following is legitimate, and partner up with them to help increase your brand awareness.

Why We Don’t Manage Your Social Media 

Our social media marketing package is about coming alongside your in-house efforts and supplementing your feed with crafted posts and ads that are focused on driving leads and sales. But we strongly believe that your internal team has a vital role to play in succeeding on social media. Why? Two reasons. 

1. The 80/20 Rule is Still Relevant, and We’re Here for the 20% 

If you’ve ever talked to a marketing agency or social expert about content, you’ve probably heard some version of the Pareto Principle. The idea behind it is simple: not every piece of content you create should be about a sale, or even about you. In fact, 80% of your content should be curated, customer-centric, help-based or humorous content that connects with your audience while only 20% should be devoted to sales pitches. 

With customers seeking authentic brands, we believe in-house teams are best for creating that day-to-day content based on immediate events, customer interactions, or curated posts. 

Our social media is mostly focused on ad targeting, meaning we get the right message to your audience at the right time for lead generation and sales. In other words, our posts are here to supplement your raw, authentic content with beautifully branded pieces that can help drive traffic to your website and close the deal. 

2. Social Media is as Much About Customer Care as Cool Content 

Christina Newberry’s article on Hootsuite titled Social Media Customer Service: Tips and Tools to Do it Right, covers some astounding statistics about what social media users and online browsers expect from brands on social.

Messaging is Key for Customer Service 

According to Newberry’s article and Facebook’s own reports, a strong majority of people prefer messaging businesses to calling them, an even higher majority expected to message businesses about customer service more in the future. 

Quick Replies Win the Day 

Along with using social for customer service, shoppers expect fast replies. Cymone Thomas reported on that, “Retail banks that scored highly for customer service reply within an hour, give automatic responses, and present preset questions.”

On top of all that, social monitoring for both positive and negative reviews on social media is a powerful way to stay on top of your brand management. 

How We Help 

We can help set up automated messages, social media monitoring, and reputation management, but it’s always best for in-house customer service and marketing teams to monitor comments, messages, and reviews to provide fast and accurate service that users expect. If your team needs help, we’re happy to assist with consulting on how to generate post ideas, schedule out posts in advance, and more. 

Working together, we can make your social media feeds places where your brand shines, your business gets more awareness, and consumers find value before, during, and after the sale. 

How can Momentum Marketing Consultants help you reach new prospective customers? We’ll be happy to tell you.