Social Media Targeting with Momentum

There are 10s of 1,000s of demographics, behaviors, personal and professional affinities, and various other characteristics which individuals knowingly or unknowingly attach to their social media profiles.

After the research we conduct during the client onboarding or during a monthly or quarterly update, we identify the right audiences.

Why post content and hope people see it when you can post and target audiences who you need to reach? Not everyone who needs your products and services already follows you, so reach the people who aren’t. We help organizations do that.

How it Works

We research your business, your competitors, the keywords that lead people to you and your competition, and use geography and the right combination of characteristics to identify the right-sized audiences based on your goals and budget.

Vet and Secure Meaningful Influencers 

Whether you’re looking to gain traction on Instagram, TikTok, or other social platforms, we can assist in vetting influencers who will have meaningful reach and actual influence in your industry. That means not just going after who has the most followers but connecting with people with voices that matter to your audience.¬†

How can Momentum Marketing Consultants help you reach new prospective customers? We’ll be happy to tell you.