What Do

Digital Marketing Consultants Do?

(And Other Marketing Consultant FAQs)

Not every marketing team needs a full service digital marketing agency. Some businesses are looking for marketing partners who can teach and train their team members to do the work themselves. 

Digital marketing consultants do exactly that – train individuals and teams to research, strategize, and employ digital marketing techniques to help their businesses succeed. 

    What Else Do Digital Marketing Consultants Do? 

    Okay, that last description was the synopsis version. Digital marketing consultants do a lot. Here’s our slightly-longer shortlist. 

    • Train individuals and teams in weekly or monthly consulting sessions 
    • Introduce you to marketing concepts 
    • Train you on key tools to help you with your marketing goals 
    • Teach ways to track and measure results 
    • Review your accounts and research/strategize on your behalf 
    • Answer questions related to your marketing goals

    So, What’s The Difference Between Digital Marketing Consultants and a Digital Marketing Agency?

    You know the “give a fish” vs. “teach them how to fish” argument? That’s a good way to think about digital marketing agencies vs. consultants. Consultants want to teach you how to fish. They’ll demonstrate how to do digital marketing tasks and may create strategies for your teams, but your marketers will ultimately use their training from the consultant to help your business. 

    Digital marketing agencies do the work without doing the training. Some agencies are either consultancies or full-service agencies. We can operate as one or the other, or a mix of both. 

    We help create a custom marketing plan that fits your team capacity and marketing goals.

    What Are Some Consulting Services For Digital Marketing? 

    There are a billion different possibilities for digital marketing consultancy services, but we’ve divided ours up into three main categories.

    Search Engine Marketing Consulting 

    Search engine marketing is all about bringing in leads who are already looking for your products or services on search engines. Search engine marketing consulting includes searching engine optimization and Google ad training and techniques.

    Digital Advertising Consulting 

    Digital ads allow you to reach people who may or may not be searching for you, but fit the audience description of someone who would benefit from your product or service. Digital ad consulting focuses on optimizing and tracking social media ads, as well as Google ads.

    Marketing Automation Consulting 

    Automation connects the efforts of your sales and marketing departments while increasing your overall efficiency in both areas. Automation for marketing is powerful, and includes in-depth training on marketing automation software.

    Who Is Digital Marketing Consulting For? 

    Consulting is a good option for businesses with extremely technical products that benefit from having internal employees with product knowledge complete marketing tasks. It’s also helpful for businesses with marketing teams who are new to digital marketing services like digital ads, search engine marketing, and automation. 

    If you don’t have a marketing team or have one marketing person on staff, digital marketing consulting probably isn’t best for you. Try digital marketing services instead. 

    How Much Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Cost?

    This number depends on everything from the frequency of your training sessions to the number of team members joining in on the consulting. Your package is customizable, and we’re good at finding flexible solutions that meet a variety of budget needs. 

    How to Get Started 

    Contact us about consulting services to have a meeting where we’ll analyze your needs, your team’s experience, and your goals. Then we’ll create a digital marketing consulting plan for you and get started!