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Work Experience: Here are some of our 2018 projects.

You won’t find all of our work experience on our social media. And you won’t see our logo throughout these clients’ marketing materials. You’ll just find brief descriptions of what we’ve done – because our clients count on us to build their business, not ours. We get our success from helping our clients succeed.

There are several other projects this year, including, teaming up with TaigMarks in helping the United Way of Elkhart County find a new message for its 2018-19 campaign. Additionally, we helped lead its executive team and key stakeholders through brainstorming and messaging session. We developed the ElkhartCountyWorks.org project with TaigMarks. Furthermore, we managed a national digital campaign, finding individuals to whom we presented local job opportunities and benefits of living and working in the Elkhart County area – after some very serious web coding.

Currently, we’ve begun to work with Hello Gorgeous for a national outreach to help each of its 30+ affiliates throughout the country. Our work experience mingles with TaigMarks, again as we helped launch a new product for Nation Tank & Trailer with American Top LIft (https://nationtt.com/atl250/) – and have successfully built and managed Google Ad campaigns and GSuite integrations for electronics manufacturers, restaurants, retailers, and nonprofit organizations. References are available.