Marketing Automation Consulting

Marketing automation serves two major functions, making your marketing more efficient, and streamlining the connection between your sales and marketing teams.

With a marketing automation consultant, you can learn how to generate and assign new leads to the right salespeople automatically. Create automated workflows that send relevant follow-up emails to interested customers. Build out customer personas and create lists of new contacts that fit those persona descriptions.

It’s all possible. And it will change the way you work.

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How Marketing Automation Consulting Works

Training and consulting packages are customized to meet your team and marketing needs.

1. Get Your Marketing Automation Platform

Our team trains others on SharpSpring, a SaaS (software as a service) platform that meets all your marketing automation needs at a fraction of Hubspot’s costs. As a SharpSpring partner agency, we can provide you with a lower cost for the platform than you can get on your own. Before you can start your consulting, you’ll need to set up a SharpSpring subscription, which our team will assist with every step of the way.

2. Choose Your Timeline

Select weekly or monthly training sessions ranging from 1 – 2 hours in length. Q&A sessions with your marketing automation consultant outside of standard training are typically 30 minutes long. Due to the personalized instruction that’s set up for each consulting client, a package with multiple training sessions each week will be negotiated at a higher price point.

3. Start Your Consultations!

With your focus and time frame selected you can usually begin your consulting within a week! Get a notepad and prepare to learn!

Nail the Fundamentals of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation isn’t exactly new, but tons of businesses still aren’t using it. Getting started with automation is intimidating, but we can work with teams and individuals who have used automation before or are getting started for the first time.

We’ll start your consulting sessions by getting a feel for your experience so your marketing automation consultant can create personalized training plans for your skill level and your goals.

Marketing Automation Tools and Tactics

– Introduction to SharpSpring
– Lead Generation and Custom Forms
– UTM Tracking – Reports
– Creating Dynamic Content and SmartMail
– Building and Using Automated Workflows
– CRM Introduction

What to Expect from Marketing
Automation Consulting

Having a consultant isn’t the same as having a marketing representative from an agency of record. Your marketing automation consultant is here to empower your team to set up and utilize automation on their own.

Typical consulting sessions will include training on a set of concepts or tools, followed by a practical “homework” assignment that makes the training practical.

This means that while your consultant will create lesson plans for training sessions, provide research and strategy, answer questions and more, your team will ultimately be the ones finishing the work.

Don’t have a team? We can perform these tasks for you. Take a look at our digital marketing services for more info. We’re also used to working alongside existing marketing teams – providing training for some services while completing other tasks ourselves. We suggest setting up a meeting with our team to see which options might work best for you.

How to Get Started

Contact us about consulting services to have a meeting where we’ll analyze your needs, your team’s experience, and your goals. Then we’ll create a digital marketing consulting plan for you and get started!

Get Started with Marketing
Automation Specialists

Because Momentum Marketing Consultants is a Gold Certified SharpSpring agency, your team will work with Advanced Certified SharpSpring users. To explore what plans and pricing will look like for individual or team training, contact us about our consultation services!